Soft Skills Training


Key Learnings:

  • Kitchen Operations and Organization
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Standards
  • Team Collaboration and Communication
  • Time Management and Workflow Efficiency
  • Menu Knowledge and Ingredient Handling

Who Should Attend:
Culinary staff, kitchen assistants, chefs, and any hospitality professionals involved in back of house operations and those who want to embark a career in culinary.

Upon completion of this course, participants will possess the knowledge and tools to excel in the dynamic environment of the back of house, contributing to the seamless functioning of any establishment.

Join us for an immersive training program designed to enhance the skills and expertise of back of house professionals in the hospitality industry. This course focuses on Housekeeping, kitchen operations, food safety, hygiene standards, teamwork, and efficient workflow management. Participants will gain valuable insights and hands-on experience to elevate their performance in the heart of the operation.


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